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Who would've thought nature was the answer

We've gone full circle. Once upon a time we wouldn't have bought anything which wasn't full of the latest whatchamacallit thing that was supposed to make us look 25 for ever.

We're a bit wiser now, and maybe a bit wrinklier too...which means those whatchamacallit things didn't work. So in searching for something that was real, did what it promised and was good for us, we tested many many many compilations of natural organic butter and oil formulas and landed on what is now the Better range. Because it is just better. Its better for you, your skin and your aging process and the environment. And it's better than the rest according to our many product testers.

Our products provide intense moisture that locks in to last. They're gorgeous to apply and you'll notice instant and longterm improvement in your skin.

We're releasing the first products of many. Contact us for free samples or just take the plunge.....

Made in NZ by people who care and know a few things or two.

Who would've thought nature was the answer

"We were lucky enough to get a sample while at a rowing regatta. Love it! I tell ya, it's amazing on boys acne!"

Gill, Hamilton - re 'Blister in the Sun' balm